Looking forward

So after looking back its time to look forward. One of my skills is team building, I have bee successful at bring people into companies and making them a cohesive unit. I break a few rules that a lot of managers would frown at treating my employees more like family then employees. While some may think of that as bad, look at this way how do you treat your kids? Do you treat them like family? Can they still know that your the one in charge and that you make the decisions when they need to be made? Does that mean you never have conflict? I would not say I treat the employees like my children but I do use a lot of the same tool sets. Like its easier to get some to do what you need when they feel valued and are completed on a job well done. We all want to do better work when good work is acknowledged.
Another big thing I do is go out with the team to coffee A LOT! This was something I found enjoyable as a team member back at Tagged. Every day a few of us guys would go out for coffee, walk over, sit down, talk about work or out side life. There was not set agenda it was team mates being friends. When I was finally able to bring in my first employee I was luck enough to have it be one of those guys. We continued the daily coffee run and include each new employee as we added them. On top of that we went out for lunches a few times a quarter, once again no set agenda just enjoying a meal with friends. When we added Jr team members I would pay a lot more often, and on busy days we would not make it, but as a rule every one came. If you where not a coffee drinker then you can have tea, water, jamba juice, or just enjoy the walk.