Looking back

I left after 5 years feeling like I had done a poor job. The reason, I always am working to do better and thats a strength weakness.

Over the last six months a lot has changed in my life, starting most importantly with the addition of my fourth child. Given that my personal life is not the focus of this blog thats the last I will mention of it, but had to acknowledge it.
In addition to that I changed jobs. I moved from a Rdio where I had been for five years to a online ticketing company. Stepping down from a VP position where I had full access to everything to a Director with very little view of anything above me. Both companies are about the same age but its crazy how different they are.
The new ticketing company has a history of changing people running the computers and networks, sometime so fast that tasks where left mid stream. For those of you who have not walked into a situation like that its very interesting. Unlike when I joined Rdio, I would not be starting from scratch but rather making changes in place. At Rdio, I walked in with a rack of servers and a core router that had been sitting for months but not active. Within a few weeks I had the network reconfigured, the build system up, and the rack of systems running and Chefed. Was everything perfect, hell no but it was a solid foundation. From there I built the TechOps team and we continued that solid base.
Being the originator of a environment you can see every hole, everything that is wrong. I would often look at what we had and felt like a failure. Then I would bring in candidates and they would be really impressed. We had focused on a solid core, a very tradition and structured one but solid. We had very clear network paths from X to Y, systems where well defined and single purpose. After five years I started to loose the view of how well we had actually designed the system, so I left feeling like I had done a poor job. The reason, I always am working to do better and do not settle. Strength or weakness?

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