Be that kind of person

I want everyone I deal with have a chance of walking away with my knowledge.

For some reason a lot of my personal focus for the last couple of years has been culture and treating people like you want to be treated. While this is great for people I admit its also driven by being selfish. I want everyone I deal with have a chance of walking away with my knowledge. This means if you ask and its at all within my power I will sit down and talk to you about anything. Often this is stuff I know really well but at times is about simple observations. Why do I do this? Simply because its what I would want others to do for me. I am not talking about total time wasters but rather if you have a goal or are trying understand I make it a priority to be supportive when possible.
I came to this conclusion when dealing with my eldest son. Often he would come to me with a statement and we would sit down and talk it out. Usually I would try to not give him the answer but walk him through the issue and try to figure out how to find the answer. In the end he not only has learned what what he was expecting to but also how to think. This same process work with co-workers.
When helping another employee I want him to walk away with not only the knowledge of how to fix a error but how to identify the issue. This includes the steps I go through the thought process in my head and often I end up learning. So why technically a fluf piece I am writing this to encourage you, next time someone ask you why how or any other question look for the opportunity to help. Notice I use the word help not teach, because the are not always the same thing.

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