Quick and dirty server list from chef

So I have always used a simple bash look to do quick task on lots of servers:


for i in `cat server.list`; do ssh $i ‘hostname;uptime’;done

We can use chef to build list of servers by role, and a list all servers in a our farm if managed by chef 🙂


# Must be run from a server that has knife and your key i.e. chef.server.com

# I think I am going to make this a recipe
# but for now…

#Generate a list of all chef controlled servers

knife node list | sed s/\”//g | sed s/,// | grep -v \] > /home/operations/servers/all.txt

# List of all roles:

knife role list | sed s/\”//g | sed s/,// | egrep -v ‘\]|\[‘ > /home/operations/servers/roles.txt

# Generate a file for each role containing the servers in that role
# Tetsu likes the files lower case … works for me 🙂

for i in `cat roles.txt`; do echo $i; z=`echo $i | tr ‘[:upper:]’ ‘[:lower:]’`; knife search node role:$i -i > $z.txt; done

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