Preseeding anyone?

Preseed is a powerful tool but its a pain to work with

Today during my ubuntu install I noticed some major problems that I had not seen on the over 100 previous installs. While I install via pxe and use local mirrors for updates I failed to notice that during install the system was reaching out to This is not a huge problem but is network over head I would rather keep local but today it turned out to be a huge problem as security was having major issues and my 12 minute install did not complete in over an hour. Using F4 on the boot I noticed it was stuck on pulling a update from and thats when the real fun started.

I of course had the url set for local installs but never noticed that did not cover everything.

#Use Web installation
url --url

After a lot of digging I found the needed lines. These lines need to be right after the url according to the Ubuntu docs.

#Use Web installation
url --url
preseed apt-setup/security_host string
preseed apt-setup/security_path string /repo_mirror/ubuntu-9.10-server-x86_64/

Preseed is a powerful tool but its a pain to work with, the link below will give you some additional guidance.

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