Sun 7410 Cluster

I highly suggest the Sun 7410 for anyone needing aux storage at a great price.

So last week I installed a new Sun 7410 cluster into the data center. Let me just start out with how much I love this thing! That said this is my second time purchasing the 7410, but this time I took the route of self install which I highly suggest. With my first cluster purchase while I was at Tagged, Inc I had Sun profession services come in and do the install, which turned out to be a real pain in the rear.

The 7410 cluster install with 6 shelves took 10 hours with a manual screw driver and at least part of that was due to misunderstanding on the docs. When it says you have to ssh to the ip you configured on the console it means it 🙂 . I had made the mistake of assuming that since I setup the out of band management IP via the console it would then drop me into the head controller config. I have a few gripes I will write up later but given the price deal I think they are things I can live with.